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A November 2003 landmark study conducted by the Urban Institute of Washington, DC, entitled "A Portrait of Prisoner Reentry in Ohio", (authored by Nancy G. La Vigne and Gillian L. Thompson) paints a grim picture indeed for felons returning to their home communities from a period incarceration.

"Neighborhood Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to developing programs that assist in solving some of the problems posed by (and to) these individuals as they attempt to transition from prison back into the community."


Vineyards of Château Hough

America is at last serious about embracing the green/sustainability movement. A large part of that movement will be to utilize the vast tracts of vacant land in inner-cities by remediation of the soil (where necessary) and growing crops locally.

Likewise, it should be possible to produce quality wines locally, while training and employing residents and helping to stabilize a neighborhood in the process. That belief is the impetus behind the proposal to establish Château Hough, a first-class winery in Ward 7, right in the heart of Cleveland.


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66th Street Biocellar

Immediately adjacent, and to the north of, Château Hough is an abandoned house which will be converted into a biocellar - a below grade growing environment suitable for aquaponics (fish and crop propagation). We will begin with mushrooms, and expand to aquaponics in another building situated immediately west of the vineyard. A member of the team that created and designed the biocellar, biologist Jean Loria, is partnering with us on the project.

This project is an off shoot of the Vineyards of Château Hough and is an effort to expand the notion of repurposing land, decreasing the food vacuum, creating opportunities and develop skills in specific populations.

Post card

"Going to prision
is not nearly
as scary
as going home."

                  - Marty F.
Chateau Hough Brochure Biocellar