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The Long Road Home (Video)

The people in attendance at the debut of the Long Road Home had an opportunity to expand their knowledge base on prison reentry and those impacted, hearing from over a dozen experts in the field and individuals who are currently incarcerated. This documentary is an excellent training tool for family, police, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, lawyers, judges, probation officers, child support and child welfare staff, education systems and the list goes on and on.

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Funded by Oriana House, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Reentry Advocate:Focused on Reducing Recidivism

The Reentry Advocate Story

The Reentry Advocate newsletter which was launched in June of 2007 with the goal of reaching two, disparate, populations: prisoners who will be - or already are - attempting to successfully reenter society, and those charged with assisting them in those efforts. Our mission is to be a vigorous advocate for this reentering population - and to help make our nation one that truly offers second chances to those who have run afoul of the law. While our mission has not changed, our look has. With the July 2010 issue the newsletter became a full magazine.

First and foremost we wanted to create a publication that would offer palpable proof to prisoners sitting in an institution that indeed some organizations and individuals are beginning to care about them, their situation, and their coming struggle to successfully reenter society. It is our sincere hope that such a revelation will inspire some prisoners to reexamine their futures and begin to better prepare themselves for eventual life on the outside. We want to offer prisoners, and the society they are preparing to reenter, hope for a better tomorrow.

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Best Practices

We also wanted to create a publication that professionals in the field of prisoner reentry would find useful. We're proud that in a relatively few short years the publication has developed a reputation for presenting incisive, accurate and cutting-edge information regarding the myriad issues surrounding reentry. We feel that by mixing success stories of local individuals who have recently exited prison and established successful lives for themselves and their families, along with "Best Practices" from other parts of the country, we can plant some inspirational seeds that will germinate, take root and eventually grow.

From day-one our goal has not wavered: to shed much-needed light on a subject that few in society understand very much about...and fewer still care very much about. Nonetheless incarceration impacts the lives of all Americans, if only in the form of a larger tax burden. A large part of our mission is to dispel myths, educate the public, and make it aware that (like it or not) 97 percent of all prisoners will eventually one day come home.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the Reentry Advocate is merely a reflection of the desire stakeholders both in and out of prison have for accurate information on this timely topic. We feel that we are fulfilling that need - and our obligations - quite well. The publication is currently distributed to all prisons in the State of Ohio, other select prisons and juvenile facilities around the country, plus various other locations such as libraries, halfway houses, churches and other such institutions around the U.S. via subscription.

We feature articles, personal stories and information that highlight and promote successful reentry. Our goal is to assist in cognitively restructuring individuals and to assist them in turning their institutions into learning environments and universities.

Interested in archived issues of the Reentry Advocate magazine? The last publication was printed on a our 5th anniverasry July 2012. Visit the Store.

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Speakers Series

The Speakers Series brings expert consulting and testimony on the carceral system from pre-entry, through incarceration to post-release for individuals, attorneys, agencies, and the community. Consultants are a multi-disciplined team of the formerly incarcerated, correctional system professionals, writers, professors, attorneys, and more.

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The Long Road Home

long road home

Speakers Series

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